AAH moment (noun): a moment in life when Attorneys are At Home

No matter what the movies say, attorneys are people, too.  We have parents to care for, children to tuck in, babies to nurse, significant others to comfort, dogs to groom, soccer games to coach (OK, assistant coach) and laundry to wash and fold and wash again.

At Ardent Law, we know that time in an office doesn't equal time at work.  We also know a trend when we see one.  At a time when technology provides more avenues than ever before for attorneys to research, draft, strategize, and communicate, good lawyering does not require working among your colleagues.  It requires working for your clients.

Among the many ethical obligations of attorneys is the duty of diligence, as well as the duty to stay abreast of changes in technology. We can save our clients money and time by embracing technology more fully.  Excellent communication requires organization, timeliness, and access to a phone and computer.  A great attorney has all the tools in her living room.

We've seen a lot of discussion over what it means to work hard as an attorney.  As strong proponents of efficient lawyering, we founded RemoteInterest to quickly fill client needs with experienced, intelligent, stay-at-home legal talent.  If you are a licensed, Illinois attorney, currently at home, we invite you to learn more about us by CLICKING HERE.