As an attorney, I took an oath to uphold the law.

As a mother, I took a vow to change it.

I am scared to death about gun violence in America, but I remain hopeful that we can right this ship. 

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New to the issue? Follow the link below to read the best primer you can on the Second Amendment, its history, and why individuals do not have the "right" to bear an AR-15: dissents by Justice Stevens and Justice Breyer in District of Columbia v. Heller, the law as it stands on the Second Amendment.

Update: Since Heller, our Circuits are more often that not upholding gun restrictions that states impose other than a ban on handguns in the home. See the latest opinion - complete with my highlights- out of the Seventh Circuit in Hatfield v. Barr!

Arm yourself with knowledge, and together we can disarm the gun lobby.

(c) Everytown for Gun Safety

(c) Everytown for Gun Safety

Gun Violence: Debate on their Terms

The GOP has done NOTHING to curb gun violence. Since December, 2012, when first-graders and their teachers were gunned down in Newtown, Connecticut, some us waited, naively, for change. Sadly, by 2016, support for a ban on assault weapons hit a new low - 36%. As we have only faced increased gun violence by the AR-15, how could this be?

The answer, of course, is the wave of nativist, xenophobic thought that divided Great Britain and elected Donald Trump. When the "other" is feared, a flurry of gun purchases follow.

Of course, we know that guns don't save us, but gun control might. How do we save ourselves? I suggest a focus on framing gun control as a national security threat, much like Trump frames DACA and immigration policy. We need a broad coalition of those directly affected by the threat of a civilian with a gun (students, teachers, women, police) to fight like never before.

Let's do this! Call your Representatives, and learn the data at or by taking this free online course offered by Johns Hopkins University.